Smartphone Services

Computer Services & Telecommunications (CS&T) offers services to connect your smartphone to your Exchange account. As long as your phone has a signal with your carrier, our system can synchronize email, address book, and calendar events over the air. Learn more about UCF options for cell phones.

iPhone_sm ActiveSync ServiceActiveSync is a supported service provided at no direct cost for all UCF Exchange email accounts as a standard feature. Activating
Android Activation Guide
iPhone Activation Guide
BlackBerry 10 Activation GuideGeneral Settings
Email address:
Server address:
Domain: NET
Username: Your NID
Password: Your NID PasswordNote: Your NID password expires every 60 days. After you reset it ( you will need to update the email password on your device.

Please contact the UCF Service Desk for further troubleshooting or questions.

All services provided are subject to the UCF security policies as approved by the President’s Office and the Information Security division of UCF.