We are pleased to announce nominations are now being accepted for Information Technologies and Resources Outstanding Contribution Awards. Four awards will be made available for: Outstanding Service, Outstanding Change Agent, Outstanding Partnership, and Outstanding Student Employee.


Awards Information 

Outstanding Service Award

Eligibility: Candidate must meet any or all of the following:

  • Exceptional customer service to students, faculty, staff or external constituents
  • Extraordinary contributions to the University community
  • Contributions in external community matters
  • Contributions in the employee’s field


Outstanding Change Agent Award

Eligibility: Candidate must meet any or all of the following:

  • Has made a significant contribution to the field or University
  • Initiated the development and delivery of a new unique application/product/service or employed an original approach with positive outcomes


Outstanding Partnership Award

Eligibility: Candidate(s) must meet any or all of the following:

  • Has worked with one or more units to deliver a specific application/product/service or achieved a significant University goal
  • The partnership is essential to addressing a critical need at the University
  • The partnership contributed to improved success of a program or service


Outstanding Student Employee Award Eligibility: Candidate(s) must meet the following:

  • Must be an enrolled student functioning as a student employee within IT&R
  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing
  • Must have been employed in the IT&R Division continuously for at least 6 months by March of each year
  • Must be enrolled at least part-time and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Must have demonstrated superior job performance, leadership skills, and demonstrated ability to work effectively with supervisors and other department personnel (i.e. student workers, faculty, and staff)


For more information on the criteria for each award, please refer to the individual award forms. All forms can be accessed electronically through: http://www.itr.ucf.edu/



Based on the IT&R employee’s classification, awards will be distributed as follows:


Change Agent

(1 Award)


(1 Award)

Partnership (Several Awards) Student Employee

(1 Award per unit)


32-40 Hour OPS

$1,000 $1,000 Awardees invited to Partnership Luncheon
Faculty $1,000 for professional development/travel $1,000 for professional development/travel Awardees invited to Partnership Luncheon
Undergraduate & Graduate Students $50.00

UCF Gift Card



The selection committee will evaluate candidates based on information obtained from submission materials. Nomination narrative and letters of recommendation should clearly state and demonstrate the following:


  • Nominee’s accomplishments according to the specific award criteria
  • How nominees’ accomplishments represent efforts above and beyond their normal scope of duties
  • Clear documentation of exceptional service, partnerships, or contributions


Nominations will be reviewed by a five-member committee. Committee representation will include 1 USPS, 1 A&P, and 1 Faculty member from within IT&R and two members external to the Division. Awardees will be recognized at the Division’s annual Recognition and Social event held in May.


Nominations may be submitted electronically by visiting the IT&R website at: http://www.itr.ucf.edu/




Please Note:

Only IT&R employees are eligible for nomination.

Deadline to submit nominations is March 11 at 5:00 p.m.