Departmental IT staff and College or Departmental Security Coordinators are encouraged to use the resources below to ensure their systems are compliant with the best practices and standards used at the university.
Please send the Information Security Office (ISO) an email.


IT Staff and DSC Resources

Familiarize yourself with the this page to help the faculty and staff members in your department.

The ISO Policies & Standards page provides information on the different practices and standards at UCF, including:
  • Server standards
  • Computer standards

Sign on to your Information Security Office Resource Center for more tools, policies and guidelines.

IT staff should also use their College or Departmental Security Coordinators (DSC) as a resource. DSCs are the designated, primary contact between their Department/Business Unit and the Information Security Office (ISO) for all matters relating to information security.
DSCs have an additional DSC Resource Page in the Information Security Office Resource Center.

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