UCF Alert:


Who can send out information through this method?

Emails are sent out via UCF Office of Emergency Management, Police Department or Office of News & Information.

How do I add or remove myself from this?

Users can opt in or out by logging into myUCF, going to Employee/Student Self Service > Personal Information > UCF Alert, and clicking the button to either Opt in or out of UCF Alert.

If the end user does not have access to myUCF and needs to be removed (former student, non-paid appointment, etc.), they will need to contact the UCF Service Desk at 407-823-5117.

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Campus News:


Who can send out information through this method?

Authorization to distribute a broadcast electronic mail message may be granted only by the President, the Provost, a university Vice President, the UCF Police, the Department of News and Information, or the UCF Office of Environmental Health & Safety. Below is a list of offices to contact which may apply to a specific type of request:

John Hitt, President
Provost and Executive VP
Executive Vice Provost Academic, Faculty, & Intl Affairs
Vice Provost, Information Technologies Resources
VP, Administration and Finance
VP, Chief of Staff
VP, Community Relations
VP, General Counsel
VP, Marketing & Communications
VP, Medical Affairs
VP, Research
VP, Student Development and Enrollment Services
VP, UCF Athletic Association
VP, UCF Foundation Inc.
VP, University Relations
Chief of UCF Police Department

How do I add or remove myself from this?

These emails are deemed mandatory and users are automatically signed up for Campus News based off of their roles in PeopleSoft. Students are removed automatically 2 full semesters after they leave the University. Employees should be removed as soon as they are no longer listed as employees.

If you are no longer attending or affiliated with UCF and are still receiving these emails after the time listed above has past, contact the UCF Service Desk for further assistance at 407-823-5117

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News & Announcements/This week @UCF:

Who can send out information through this method?

The following can only be submitted by faculty or staff:

To submit an event, log into the following website: https://events.ucf.edu/manager/login/

To post an announcement, visit the following website and click on “Post an Announcement”: http://www.ucf.edu/announcements/

How do I add or remove myself from this?

To unsubscribe to the emails:
  • Find one of the emails (it will come from feedback@ucf.edu) and click on “unsubscribe” at the bottom. It will open the “Manage Subscriptions for [Your address]” page.
  • Clear the check the box beside any emails you wish to no longer receive and then click the “Update Subscriptions” button.
To re-subscribe to the emails:

Already getting one of them but want to subscribe to the rest?

  • Find one of the emails (it will come from feedback@ucf.edu) and click on “unsubscribe” at the bottom. It will open the “Manage Subscriptions for [Your address]” page.
  • Check the box beside any emails you wish to receive and then click the “Update Subscriptions” button.
Not getting any of the emails but want to subscribe?

If you aren’t currently subscribed to any of the emails, please send an email to feedback@ucf.edu requesting to be added and letting them know which one or ones you would like to receive in your inbox in the future.

More Information:

Post an event: https://events.ucf.edu/manager/login/
Announcements page: http://www.ucf.edu/announcements/
Post an announcement: https://www.ucf.edu/announcements/post-an-announcement/

Additional Details:

Guidelines and Procedures for Announcements and Events

  • Events are happenings that are date, time, and location specific, and must have an actual start date, time and physical or virtual location. Postings that do not fit these criteria can be posted as an Announcement as long as the announcement does not violate any other policy.
  • Announcements are general pieces of news to be promoted to the UCF community.
  • Only post your announcement once in the system.
  • Generally, an event should have a brief, descriptive and compelling title.
  • Events are not to be announcements in disguise.
  • Not every event published into the system will be selected to show up on ucf.edu or on the main calendar.
  • Events that have an impact on a large portion of the UCF community, intellectually and/or culturally relevant events, and events that contribute to the academic pursuits of the student population will be given priority on the main web site and main UCF calendar.
  • Only those individuals with administrative access to post events and announcements should be posting the information. If you have someone else post this you should be verifying that the information is accurate.
  • All events and announcements are reviewed before being published on events.ucf.edu, ucf.edu/announcements and in the all-campus emails.
  • When recommending an announcement or event for publication it is important to note that the all-campus emails are generated many hours before they are sent; it is important not to wait until the last minute to submit your request. The emails will only include the announcements, events and news items that have been reviewed and approved to appear on that day’s email.
  • Users shall not post content which is defamatory, or which constitutes a breach of telecommunications security, or is in violation of Federal, State, or local laws or university rules or policies.
  • The university and its employees are prohibited from using any university resources for, or implying in any way that the university is directly involved in, political campaigns or campaign fundraising.
  • When posting, please note that HTML tags are not allowed.
  • Avoid using all caps in any section of your posting.
  • Refrain from using characters such as the asterisk, tilde, or any non-text character in the title of the Event or Announcement.
  • Verify the date, time and location are accurate before posting
  • Review the title of your post: Make it simple to understand. Be certain it will effectively communicate to a wide audience.
  • Verify the content is appropriate and accurate.
  • Check to make sure the correct audience is selected.

Items to check:
Disclaimer: Events and Announcements recommended for publication may be selected for display on the UCF homepage and in the weekly all-campus emails. If selected, the event (or announcement) title, description, short description and other information may be edited for content, spelling, grammar, punctuation, size, and other information as necessary. Changes may also appear in @UCF emails and events listings.

For more information, view the Division of Information Technologies and Resources Use of Information Technology and Resources Policy.

For other existing Information Technology and Resources policies please visit http://itr.ucf.edu/policies/policies.asp

For information on UCF’s writing style guide, go to http://brand.ucf.edu/writing-style-guide/

Use of the system is monitored daily, and abuse of the system will result in the loss of the user account and deletion of the information from the system.