Service Details (Service Catalog)

Please look over the information below to see if this service matches your needs. If it does, you may contact the Service Desk for assistance in putting in your service request. Please use the 9-digit Service Number ( and the Service Unit name to refer to the service.

Service Name:

VLAN Transport Service 100Mbps –


$ 500.00 Per Service Monthly

Brief Description:

VLAN Transport Service via the UCF Network for 100 Mbps

Detailed Description:

This service extends non-UCF entity wide area circuits from campus building to campus building using the UCF network via private VLANs.  Examples include T-1s, MPLS and Metro-Ethernet.

Included Functionality:

Establishes connectivity to campus locations where a customer needs their WAN service to terminate.

Technical Specifications:

Point-to-point connectivity via a private VLAN, using Ethernet specifications IEEE 802.3 standard.

Service Components:

Point-to-point connectivity and full maintenance

Optional Components:

The bandwidth and costs to support the bandwidths are determined by the bandwidth of the customer’s ordered WAN service (from the customer chosen carrier).

Authorized Customers:

All UCF departments; however, this service is primarily offered to direct service organizations, and private vendors/companies that provide support services to the University.

Available Service Locations:

All UCF entities and direct service organizations located on the Orlando campus, Central Florida Research Park, and UCF colleges located on remote campuses with an existing data circuit or an entity approves having a wide-area data circuit installed.


Faculty; Staff


The customer ordered service (WAN service from their selected carrier) must terminate at either the Library Room 121 or the south switch room.

Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

CS&T Telecommunications

Service Owner:

Network Services

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: