Service Details (Service Catalog)

Please look over the information below to see if this service matches your needs. If it does, you may contact the Service Desk for assistance in putting in your service request. Please use the 9-digit Service Number ( and the Service Unit name to refer to the service.

Service Name:

Shared Services Bundle –


$0 Per Service Monthly

Brief Description:

Discounted services for becoming a part of Shared Services.

Detailed Description:

To qualify for the Shared Services Bundle and receive the services listed below at no cost you must shut down any and all locations (server rooms, telecom closets, labs and offices) used to host servers (this includes development and test servers). You must make every effort to use CS&T’s Shared Services virtual server architecture, storage and backup services. Only after CS&T has reviewed your transition plan and is assured the requirements are met will CS&T offer the Shared Services Bundle.

Included Functionality:

Microsoft DFS
Antimalware software
NET Domain (AD)
Central Exchange Email Archiving (7 years)
Desktop image deployment
CS&T will waive VM Server and Physical Server startup costs (only for initial migration to Shared Services)
Casper service suite for Mac*

* Will be available at a yet undetermined future date.

Technical Specifications:

CS&T reserves the right to at any time inspect any and all customer locations to ensure continued compliance. If CS&T determines non-compliance, you may be charged retroactively (if applicable) for each of the bundled services consumed at the rate listed in the CS&T Service Catalog for the entire fiscal year. The Shared Services Bundle will be reviewed prior to each fiscal year and services may be added or removed depending on available technology, resources, funding or customer needs.

Service Components:

DNS, Microsoft DFS, DHCP, Antimalware Software, Net Domain, WSUS, SCOM, SCCM, KMS, Central Exchange Email Archiving (7 years), Desktop Image Deployment, Casper Service Suite for Macs, Virtual Server Hosting, Physical Server Hosting, Server Storage, and Netbackup.

Optional Components:


Authorized Customers:

All UCF Administrative, Academic, Research Departments or organizations.

Available Service Locations:

College of Sciences building


Faculty; Staff



Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

IT Program Management & Planning

Service Owner:

Shared Services

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: