Service Details (Service Catalog)

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Service Name:

Project Management and Consulting –


$ 75.00 Per Service Monthly

Brief Description:

Support university and affiliates on networking projects and initiatives.

Detailed Description:

Provide networking project management support to UCF departments and CS&T.  Offer network configuration and implementation expertise, pricing quotes, and installation and documentation assistance.

Included Functionality:

Consult university staff, faculty, and affiliate partners to analyze networking needs and concerns.  Design customized network solutions with costs and provide configuration and implementation support.  Communicate and enforce university networking and security standards.

Technical Specifications:


Service Components:

The Project Management and Consulting service includes the following: apply Cisco certified network expertise to deliver project management and consultative services to UCF community, develop customized network solutions and equipment cost options and record projects and man-hours worked in Pinnacle system for tracking & billing purposes.
The Project Management and Consulting service does not include:
 campus network support (covered separately), wireless network support (covered separately), external campus network support (covered separately), university affiliate network support (covered separately), IP address management (covered separately), firewall services (covered separately), DNS services (covered separately), ResNet network support (covered separately) and virtual private network (VPN) services (covered separately).

Optional Components:

If the project is implemented this cost will become become part of the implemented project.  Requires a TRF (Telecommunications Request Form).  The scope of each project can be expanded as necessary.  Project Management and Consulting charges are tallied at the end of the project after customer acceptance.

Authorized Customers:

All UCF administrative, academic, and research departments. University business partners and affiliates.

Available Service Locations:

Supports all UCF departments, entities, and FLR affiliates.


Faculty; Staff; Non-UCF (on / off campus)



Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

CS&T Telecommunications

Service Owner:

Network Services

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: