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Service Name:

Pegasus Support –


$0 Per Service One-Time

Brief Description:

Provide support for Pegasus

Detailed Description:

Provide Tier 1 – 2  troubleshooting support and answer navigational questions regarding Pegasus e-mail/FTP services.  Pegasus password reset.  Assist users with Pegasus login Issues.  Assist client with Pegasus server settings for other mail clients.  Pegasus account quota status.  Provide troubleshooting for FTP to pegasus account.  Provide command line troubleshooting for Pegasus (PINE).  Report any Pegasus server issues. Pegasus is limited and the onlycustomers using this resource are Organization and Faculty accounts. Individual accounts are not longer accepted. 

Included Functionality:


Technical Specifications:

Pegasus Account (Client), authentication of client, NID, Last 4 digits SSN, ISO #, date of birth and telephone.

Service Components:


Optional Components:


Authorized Customers:

All UCF departments and organizations.

Available Service Locations:

All UCF regional campuses and Research Park





Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

CS&T Telecommunications

Service Owner:

Service Desk

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: