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Service Name:

Casper Mac Management –


$ 21.00 Per Service Yearly

Brief Description:

Casper Mac Management Software and Administration

Detailed Description:

Casper Mac Management Software and Administration. This suite will allow Enterprise level management of Apple Computers on the NET domain.

Included Functionality:

Mac Management on the NET Domain.

Technical Specifications:

OSD, application deployment, inventory, policies and configurations.

Service Components:

Casper Suite, tools (Casper Imaging, Casper Remote, Casper Admin and Casper Recon) and netboot server.

Optional Components:


Authorized Customers:

UCF NET Domain/shared services customers.

Available Service Locations:

UCF all locations.


Faculty; Staff


SMB Share and existing servers.

Required Additional Services:

Active Directory Domain Services – NET Domain DR Test;#595

Service Unit:

CS&T Technology Sales, Service and Support

Service Owner:


Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: