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Service Name:

Computer Forensics –


$0 Per Service Monthly

Brief Description:

Provides computer forensics analysis services for departments and divisions when extenuating circumstances exist

Detailed Description:

With this service, the Information Security Office (ISO) uses analytical and investigative techniques to identify, collect, examine, and preserve evidence or information that is stored or encoded on business systems.  The goal is to provide digital evidence of a specific or general activity.  This service is usually requested in response to administrative investigations such as inappropriate computer use, violation of the UCF acceptable use policy, incident assessment, and unauthorized accidental or intentional disclosure of corporate information or data.  ISO closely works with the National Center for Forensic Science (NCFS) and UCF law enforcement with regard to forensics investigations.  Forensic analysis services may aid in the completion of a pending investigation.  At the request of the department head and authorization from the VP, ISO will perform an in-depth analysis of an employee’s computer, limited to the scope of questions originally proposed.

Included Functionality:


Technical Specifications:


Service Components:

Provide detailed reports based on criteria of the administrative investigation.  Customers who would like to request this service will need to fill out this form:

Optional Components:


Authorized Customers:

All UCF departments, organizations, faculty, staff and students

Available Service Locations:

All UCF campuses and Research Park


Faculty; Staff



Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

CS&T Information Security Office

Service Owner:

Incident Handling

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: