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Service Name:

SQL Server Database Hosting – No Shared Services Bundle –


$ 50.00 Per Database Monthly

Brief Description:

Monthly database hosting for SQL server

Detailed Description:

CS&T will provide users of this service with one SQL server database. These servers will be hosted in CS&T data center and the software on them will be maintained by the Enterprise Systems and Operations (ESO) unit within CS&T.
Each database owner will be given rights to perform a broad range of administrative and programming activities in their own database(s). However, since this is a shared-server environment, users will be restricted from making certain changes to the server environment that could be detrimental to other users of the same server. In general, service users will be fully able to create and manage objects and administrator security within their database, but server-wide functions, such as administration of disk space and server-wide security will be provided by ESO.
It is the goal of CS&T to provide SQL server database hosting to as many units as possible to help reduce costs in administration, backups and help increase the security of information.
The charge is based on a database of size <= 1GB. There is an additional charge for every 1GB over that.

Included Functionality:

SQL database can be accessed and managed via RemoteApp farm at Access will be provided to database owner NIDs.

Technical Specifications:


  • Any database that consumes a significant amount of the shared resources should not be placed in this Instance. Either another Instance should be used, or created, for it, or be on its own VM and managed seperately from the CS&T Hosted SQL environment.

All databases using this SQL instance must meet the following:

  • SQL Server Enterprise 2012 SP1 CU7 (As of 3/13/14)
  • SSL Connectivity (Encrypted connections required)
  • No Server-wide permissions (SQL or Windows). Only database level permissions are granted.
  • Compatible with SQL 2012 “Contained Databases” feature
  • Windows authentication. (SQL auth is not allowed)
  • SQL Clustering
  • Custom Database name (Databases names must be able to be named something specific so as to avoid DB Name conflicts)
  • Compatible with Named SQL Instance. (Default SQL Instances are not used)

Access to the database engine is restricted by IP address. Only addresses that have been whitelisted on the firewall may access the SQL server. Access can be granted to a single IP address, or a range of IP addresses.

SQL Server maintenance is run on each database on a nightly basis. Any tasks that require significant CPU time or DB access (like importing large amounts of records) should be scheduled and coordinated with the CST DBA Team in advance to avoid resource conflicts.

CS&T only provides the SQL Server DB Engine. If other SQL roles are required (Integration Services, Analysis Services, etc) that will need to be provided by another solution.

Service Components:

This service includes the ability to use single signon and the ability to use your university NID. In addition the service includes high availablilty. The service will provide a service account in the NET domain to authenticate to the database. In addition, backups and office site storage for the databases will be included. This service does not include or support running: Reporting Services, Integration Services, or any application which does not support running with Windows Authentication. This service does not include any support for applications or components of an application. Additional support can be purchased through the System Administration support.

Optional Components:

SQL Database Additional 1GB – No Shared Services Bundle

Authorized Customers:

UCF Faculty & Staff

Available Service Locations:



Faculty; Staff



Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

CS&T Enterprise Systems and Operations

Service Owner:

IT Infrastructure

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: