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Service Name:



$0 Per Service Monthly

Brief Description:

Provides DHCP scope for an IP subnet to obtain automatically assigned IP addresses.

Detailed Description:

The DHCP service allows a block of IP addresses to be automatically assigned to network devices connected to a specified IP subnet.

Included Functionality:

CS&T will create a DHCP scope for the customer’s IP subnet on the UCF DHCP cluster. Customers can manage DHCP leases and MAC reservations via the DHCP management web tools at

DHCP can provide dynamic leases or reservation-only leases where static entries are defined.

Technical Specifications:

All DHCP scopes will be hosted on UCF’s highly-available DHCP failover cluster. Network Services will apply an IP Helper on the router to direct all clients to the DHCP servers.

Service Components:


Optional Components:


Authorized Customers:

All UCF departments or organizations.

Available Service Locations:



Faculty; Staff



Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

CS&T Enterprise Systems and Operations

Service Owner:

IT Infrastructure

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: