Service Details (Service Catalog)

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Service Name:

Active Directory Domain Services – NET Domain –


$ 2.25 Per Service Monthly

Brief Description:

Provides users the ability to log on to the Enterprise Directory and IT staff the ability to centrally manage user accounts.

Detailed Description:

Active Directory (AD) service is the University authentication directory that supports enterprise systems. It also provides IT mechanisms for centralizing desktop and server management as well as domain administration tools. This service allows for a single user name to access enterprise systems such as: administrative and academic computers, ePortfolio, eCommunity, WebCourses, SharePoint, and several other university systems. CS&T will continue to add applications and services such as Microsoft Exchange and unified communications to the domain. Active Directory service also provides financial benefits to campus units including reducing extraneous resources, centralized account provisioning, improving security, and reducing the need for departmental servers. Price is per domain user.

Included Functionality:

Allows logon and access to services that are provided by the NET domain. Getting an AD account in the NET domain is the first building block in getting access to tiered services that are provided exclusively via domain access.  IT staff will be given the ability to manage user accounts through a web-based Intranet portal.

Technical Specifications:

Grants the customer the ability to log on to the Active Directory NET domain via a domain-joined workstation or a VPN connection for non-domain computers.  IT staff will be given one Organization Unit to manage network resources.  CS&T does not provide desktop support or perform the migration.  A domain trust is provided that will be removed twelve months from the start date or at the end of the migration, whichever comes first.

Service Components:

Logon and authentication to the Active Directory NET domain.  If a domain-joined computer is used to access the NET domain, group policies are assigned to the workstation and user account that provide (among other things) Operating System patching services on a regular interval that keep domain-joined systems up-to-date.

Optional Components:

File Storage
Network Printing
SharePoint Services

Authorized Customers:

All UCF departments, organizations, faculty and staff

Available Service Locations:

All UCF Campuses and Research Park


Faculty; Staff


Internet access with VPN capability or a domain-joined workstation/laptop.

Required Additional Services:

Service Unit:

CS&T Enterprise Systems and Operations

Service Owner:

IT Infrastructure

Service Number:

Signed SLA Required: