(iPhone 4  shown)

Before Set Up

  • Be sure your device drivers are up to date.
  • Have your NID and NID password ready.
  • Be sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch forgets all other UCF wireless networks.
    • Most often this will be UCF_Guest
    • If still attached to a UCF network, the device may refuse  connection to the new UCF network you want to join. Most often this is will be the UCF_Guest network.

1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.  iDevice1

2. Tap Wi-Fi.  iDevice2

3. Tap the blue arrow on the right of the UCF network (e.g. UCF_GUEST) iDevice3

4. Tap “Forget this Network“  iDevice4

5. Tap Forget  iDevice5


Join the UCF_WPA2 Network

After forgetting a UCF network, the Wi-Fi Networks screen will be showing. (If you did not forget a network, get  to here from the Home screen by tapping Settings and then Wi-Fi).



Username: your NID
Password: your NID password
Tap Join


Tap Accept


Your device should now be connected to UCF_WPA2.