Quick Configuration

These guides will direct you on how to connect to the UCF_WPA2 network  in just a few quick steps:

Android version_4.x
Android version 2.x
iOS version 7.x
iOS version 6.x (and below)
BlackBerry version 10.x

Manual Configuration

If the Quick Configuration above does not work, you can manually configure your Windows machine with these directions:

Android version 4.x (PDF)
Android version 2.X  (PDF)
iOS version 7.x (PDF)
iOS version 6.x and below  (PDF)
BlackBerry version 10 (PDF)

BlackBerry version 7.x and below (PDF)

Other devices: Please refer to the instruction manual that came with your device and use the UCF Wireless Configuration settings.


Select the UCF_WPA2 network and sign on.

Your Username: Your NID (Don’t know your NID? )
Your Password: Your NID Password (Don’t know your NID password? )
Domain: NET

  • The NID password expires every 60 days
  • Be sure your device has the latest drivers installed.