The UCF VPN server provides:

  • Access to many systems located behind UCF’s network firewall
  • Remote access to a system running Windows Remote Desktop, Apple Remote Desktop, or VNC
  • Network file sharing to properly registered servers on campus
  • Student access internal systems for class projects and testing
  • Supports up to 256-bit AES encryption

Set Up:

Download and install the Cisco AnyConnect client from the UCF VPN site.

If you have difficulties or need instructions, please read the UCF VPN Guide first.
  • Certain (older) devices may need to use the Cisco VPN Client for IPSec connections. See page 6 on the guide for more information

If manual installation is needed, please use the VPN Manual Download page.



  • Open VPN client on your computer/device and sign on
    • Username: Your NID
    • Password: Your NID Password
  • If you can’t access a resource (server, remote desktop connection), then please contact the administrator for that resource.