ALM__124UCF Telecommunications provides the technological backbone of the university. We design, install, support, and secure the telecommunications and network infrastructure for the entire UCF community. We provide high quality, reliable, cost effective, and innovative communication solutions through the Communication Services, Network Services, and the UCF Service Desk teams.

Telecommunications Organizational Teams

Communication Services

This team develops, implements, and maintains enterprise level communication services and standards for the UCF community. This team takes as much pride in the smaller jobs as the enterprise level projects.  Their services include  installing phone jacks, dropping cables between walls, and working with switches, multiplexors, and other transmission equipment needed to keep the University’s communications network viable. They are the innovators that design, install, and maintain large scale projects like the copper and fiber-optic based physical infrastructure of the campus.

Communication Services consults with other departments to assist them in developing compatible, modern communication systems.  The team’s engineers and specialists coordinate all voice services including, but not limited to, voicemail, telephone systems, two-way radio, and cable television. Communication Services ensures that the physical components and the services needed for the University’s telecommunications and networking infrastructure are in place and working. With an eye to the future, they seek out the latest technology and services that will provide superior, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to UCF’s faculty, staff, students, alumni, and visitors.

Network Services

This team is the heart of the UCF’s enterprise network. This team of technicians and administrators provide the voice, video, wireless, and data communication services for the on campus, regional campus, and Direct Service Organization relationship (UCF.COM) networks. They are dedicated to monitoring, maintaining, and securing the network to ensure the availability of critical academic and university business systems to the UCF community. Network Services provides extensive hardware and software support to ensure the reliability and resiliency of the network. These committed professionals work closely with the different IT teams across campus to ensure the proper integration and operation of all segments of the UCF network. To get the job done on any given day, they run Ethernet and fiber optic patch cables, configure routers, and update firewall and DNS settings. They also provide specialized support for the students on the Housing and Residence Life network (ResNet). Network Services is responsive to changing technologies and the needs of the university. As a result they continue to develop, implement, and maintain an optimal infrastructure and the latest security standards in order to provide a secure and dependable network to the UCF community.

UCF Service Desk

This team serves as the central point of contact for the university as well as Computer Services & Telecommunications (CS&T). As the friendly voice on the other end of the line, they provide exceptional Tier One customer service and support to the UCF community for all services within their scope of support. Their duties range from directing calls to providing complex technical support. They often act as detectives, tracing down a general UCF information request or troubleshooting a technical issue for a system that is supported by CS&T. When providing technical support, these knowledgeable representatives are the consistent point of contact for community members. They guide their clients through troubleshooting steps, coordinate with second level support for further investigation, and ultimately find a resolution for  the issue. The focus of the UCF Service Desk is to provide proactive customer assistance to facilitate communication and coordination with the UCF community regarding  the University’s  communications and technology services.

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